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What to Do – Car Key Stuck in Ignition

Shawnee LocksmithOne of the problems you can face with your vehicle is your car key getting stuck in the ignition. It can be a difficult situation since if you try to pull the key out of the ignition or turn it around roughly to get it out, you can cause damage to the ignition cylinder, if that is not the cause of the problem. Therefore, ideally, you should immediately get in touch with a qualified technician in Shawnee, Kansas so that no further damage occurs. You can receive help instantly in our service area, and get access to your vehicle in no time, especially if you have do not know what to do in such a situation. Even if you do know how to proceed, it would be advisable that you call a professional locksmith over the phone so that you can consult with them about how to address the problem. Our professionals are always available over the phone and they can assist you with your queries and guide you through the process of getting your key out of the ignition, if you so wish.

Check the ignition. You might find that the reason why the key is stuck in the ignition is because the vehicle is not fully turned off. The engine is still on which means that the key will not come out until the ignition cylinder is fully turned and no part of the vehicle is still on. All you have to do is turn the key in the ignition, and if it turns fully, you will find it very easy to remove the key from the ignition, finding that there is no serious cause that is the root of the problem.

Look for a locked steering wheel. Another reason why the key is stuck in the ignition is that the steering wheel has locked in place and that often causes the key to get stuck inside as well. Sometimes, when a steering wheel is in an odd position where it has been turned off, when you insert the key in the ignition cylinder, it can get stuck and not turn at all. To test to see if that is the problem, as you turn the key in the ignition, turn the steering wheel simultaneously. Once you do that a few times and if that is the reason why the key is stuck in the ignition, the key will immediately begin to turn as soon as the steering wheel comes unstuck.

A damaged ignition may be the problem. Even if you have a new key, it can get stuck in the ignition because of a worn ignition cylinder. Since the mechanism is out of sight, it is often hard to pinpoint this as the reason for a stuck key. Therefore, if a key does get stuck or breaks in the ignition, it might be reduced to a damaged key. That may not necessarily be the case. Since it is difficult to determine the cause of such a problem, it is ideal to get in touch with qualified professionals like those available at our high quality locksmith service so that they can isolate the cause and you can reduce the amount of damage that occurs when you try to extract the key without knowing what caused it.

Maintain the ignition cylinder. Just the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime in the ignition cylinder can cause a key to get stuck in it. It is important to clean and maintain the ignition cylinder since if the key does not go in and come out smoothly, it can only cause more damage. If you suspect that a dirty ignition cylinder is the root cause, lubricate the ignition cylinder and then try to remove the key. If you do not know how to proceed, contact a locksmith and they can recommend the best lubricant for cleaning and maintaining such parts of the vehicle. Include ignition maintenance in your vehicle cleaning routine to avoid keys getting stuck in the ignition in the future if it has happened to you before.

We do recommend that you go through each step carefully to assess the problem and come to a conclusion as to what the root cause is so that you can tackle it in the most efficient manner. If you go through each step and none of them fit your problem, the key and/or the ignition cylinder might be the problem. In such a scenario, you will want to contact a professional so that they can pay you a visit and help you with your trouble. A qualified locksmith will be able to determine the cause quickly and that will only result in a quicker solution. A quick look by a locksmith will also determine whether or not your ignition cylinder needs to be replaced. Getting in touch with a licensed professional is always a good idea, and if you want access to your car quickly, a locksmith company is your best option since it provide services so that professionals can offer hasty solutions with your convenience in mind.

We would like to offer a few words of warning. You have to be patient. If you try to pull out the key or turn it in the ignition cylinder with force, you might end up causing more damage and increase the cost of repair for yourself. Therefore, go slow and be careful as you try to determine why your key is stuck in the ignition. It might be a simple problem with an even simpler solution. Therefore, go through each step with caution and care, and you will find it a lot easier to proceed.