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The Pros of Automotive Keyless Entry Systems

Shawnee LocksmithHow Do Keyless Entry Systems Work on Vehicles

Modern technology is constantly being innovating in order to keep up with our increasingly busy lifestyles. There needs to be easy convenience, increased security, and affordability all rolled into one system, which isn’t an easy task. As such, keyless entry has replaced manual locks and keys on most makes and models of vehicles being manufactured today. Some vehicle owners are even considering upgrading their current manual locks to keyless entry systems to enhance the use of their vehicles.

Keyless entry is almost always accompanied by remote ignition technology, completely eliminating any key associated with your vehicle. Instead, you use a remote fob, sometimes known as a smart key or a proximity key, in order to lock, unlock, and start your vehicle. Most vehicles currently being manufactured also have push button start for their ignition systems. These elements provide many benefits for the driver that enhance their experience operating the vehicle. Read on to learn more about six benefits of keyless entry and why you may want to consider an upgrade if your vehicle didn’t come with keyless entry.

Pros of Auto Keyless Entry

Convenient Access – Most people declare the increased convenience of having a keyless entry system for their vehicle to be the most important reason. You may not think that it would be a big deal, but a keyless entry system allows you fast and easy access to your vehicle no matter what else you’re doing at the time. Accessibility is an important benefit of automotive keyless entry and remote start that allows for better use by drivers with various levels of ability. While it may not seem difficult for you to turn your key in the ignition, for example, someone with carpal tunnel or arthritis may struggle quite a bit with using keys on a regular basis. Keyless systems broaden accessibility and eliminates barriers to opening and using a vehicle for a wide range of drivers.

Lowered Risk of an Automotive Lockout – Having keyless entry makes you less likely to lock your keys in your car and lowers the need to have to call a locksmith for an emergency lockout. Even if you do somehow leave your car key fob in the car or it falls out of your pocket, most of the time you’ll already have a backup fob. If you don’t have a spare remote fob for some reason, it’s crucial to have a locksmith create one for you and to keep it in a safe place just in case the unlikely day comes that you need it. Some vehicles now feature smart locks, which allow you to lock and unlock your car doors from your smartphone.

Enhanced Security – While attacks on keyless entry are possible by sophisticated hackers, they have been mostly overblown by the media and are quite rare. Microchip technology is being refined and improved all the time by manufacturers in order to lower the risk of hacking. You can speak to a locksmith about possible upgrades that can be made to better increase your vehicle’s security. This can be helpful if you forget to lock your vehicle to keep the contents safe from harm. It’s still always recommended as a precautionary measure to store your vehicle in a safe area, such as your garage, at night and other times when you’re not using it.

Increased Safety – Your vehicle can be a beacon of safety in certain situations, such as if you’re alone in the middle of the night in a dark parking lot with shady characters lurking around. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to get inside your vehicle quickly and every second wasted is another second of potential danger. Higher security is another benefit of most types of keyless entry. There is no vehicle lock to pick or cylinder to hot wire. Most models of vehicles with keyless entry will also lock automatically after a certain amount of time or when your remote key fob is carried out of the proximity of the system as a precaution.

Keyless entry makes unlocking and locking your doors a snap, so you don’t have to fumble with shaking hands to try to retrieve your key and insert it into the lock. If a situation arises in which you don’t feel safe, like if you’re in a dark parking lock with sketchy characters present, you can quickly open your door and lock yourself inside your vehicle. When paired with remote start, you can even have the vehicle running before you get behind the wheel, allowing you to make a swift exit.

Modern Sleek Appearance – The use of manual locks and keys can lead to scratching of the metal and paint around the keyhole, which may not be noticeable at first, but over time will lead to a deterioration in the exterior. Keyless entry gives a vehicle the advantage of a sleeker, more modern appearance, and eliminates the risk of damage from keys completely or the need to rekey the locks if your keys going missing. Many people prefer the sleek, modern appearance of vehicles with keyless entry systems, which matches with the aesthetic of vehicles currently being manufactured.

Locksmith Installation of Keyless Entry Systems

Even if your vehicle didn’t come equipped with a keyless entry system, there is the possibility that you can have one installed if you want to upgrade from basic locks. Aautomotive locksmith experts can help you assess the options available for your vehicle and guide you toward choosing the right security system for your car, truck, van, or other vehicle. As we’ve explained, keyless entry offers drivers significant advantages over manual systems, especially when accompanied by a keyless ignition system. If your keyless entry system is in need of repairs or you’re interested in possibly upgrading your manual locks and keys to a keyless entry system, contact a certified automotive locksmith. Many people have found that remote keyless entry has significantly improved their life in relation to their vehicle, but as with any form of technology, there are pros and cons. An experienced automotive locksmith can assist you in making the right decision.